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Diana's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[04 Feb 2007|09:42pm]

Anne Sexton
liked to lure men into loving her,
then spit them out like peach pits.
Will you be my little grape seed?

jack daniels neat, please

[30 Oct 2006|04:45pm]

"Waaaarrrriors come out and plaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy"

another costume, another nightCollapse )
2 comments|jack daniels neat, please

[09 Oct 2006|07:49pm]
Yesterday, I found out my grandma's birthday was FRIDAY and my dad did not tell me! So, as I was staying at home anyway, I made her a portrait and I am going to put it in a frame and send it to her! Yay! I hope she likes it :)

I am now drinking some yerba mate tea and later my friend Maurice and I are going to see The Last King of Scotland! I am excited! He works at a theater, so we get in free. I have already seen Little Miss Sunshine and The Science of Sleep (both of which are very excellent and you should definately go!)

jack daniels neat, please

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